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API Enpoints

Configure the API endpoints that you want enabled here

(exports = module.exports = function(house){
    var endpoints = [];

TODO fix this with config

    var mongoDs = house.dataSources.mongo;
    var updateEndPointsList = function(endpoints) {
        house.api.endPointsList = [];
        for(var i in endpoints) {
            for(var name in endpoints[i]) {
                house.api.endPointsList.push({name: name, id: name});
    endpoints.push({"echo": require('./echo')(house)});


    var authConfig = {
        ds: mongoDs,
        collection: 'users'
    if(house.config.hasOwnProperty('twitter')) {
        authConfig.twitter = {
            key: house.config.twitter.key,
            secret: house.config.twitter.secret,
            urls: {
                callback: house.config.twitter.callback,
                requestToken: "https://api.twitter.com/oauth/request_token",
                accessToken: "https://api.twitter.com/oauth/access_token",
                authorize: "https://api.twitter.com/oauth/authorize",
                endPoint: house.config.twitter.endPoint
    endpoints.push({"auth": require('./auth')(house, authConfig)});


    endpoints.push({"users": require('./users')(house, {
        ds: mongoDs,
        collection: 'users'

A simple endpoint to serve information about applications

    endpoints.push({"apps": require('./apps')(house)});

File system

    endpoints.push({"fs": require('./fs')(house, {
        ds: house.dataSources.fileSystem, 
        path: process.cwd()

Mongo Collections

Information about the collections

    endpoints.push({"collections": require('./collections')(house, {ds: mongoDs})});

Posts Collection

    endpoints.push({"posts": require('./posts')(house, {ds: mongoDs, collection: "posts"})});

Mongo GridFs

    endpoints.push({"files": require('./files')(house, {ds: mongoDs, collection: "f"})});


    endpoints.push({"chat": require('./chat')(house, {
        ds: mongoDs,
        roomsCollection: "rooms",
        messagesCollection: "msgs"

Log collection endpoints.push({"log": require('./log')({ds: mongoDs})});

    return endpoints;

TODO allow dynamic configuration of endpoints

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